Privacy Policy

Privacy of your personal information

Taffita understands your concerns about the privacy of your personal information and security while using our website. The information that you provide on this website will only be used for your intended purpose. We hold your personal details in order to process your order and/or maintain your account for research purposes. Taffita is committed to protecting your privacy and neither share your personal information nor sell or rent your information to any other company. We may use, only in aggregate form, non-personal information for marketing research and analytical purposes, by ourselves or with marketing partners, advertisers or others.

In some situations, however, we are required to or we may provide all information we collect about you to third parties outside our group companies, including financial or non-financial companies as permitted by law, such as:

  1. To respond to judicial process, regulatory authorities or law enforcement agencies;
  2. To consumer reporting agencies;
  3. To protect against fraud, money laundering or other risks

We reserve the right to release information to local, state, central or international law enforcement officials when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or when required to, by order of a Court or authorized administrative agency.

Insurance for International Orders

Taffita and its affiliates are committed to deliver the goods to you in time and in good condition. However, Taffita and its affiliates have limited liability in case of any loss of goods during transit. The carrier will bear any loss in transit only to an extent of a limit that may change from time to time.

Hence we recommend you to opt for insurance while you place the order. The option would be available on our website whenever your order value exceeds the limit specified by the carrier. Insurance charges would be calculated as per the rates specified by the insurance company.

Keeping you informed

We may use your details to send you further information on products, services, new collections, promotional offers etc. If you do not want to receive such communication, you can uncheck the ‘Send me Newsletters’ option during registration. Existing users can specify their preference through their profile update page.


When you use our website certain data may get stored as cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. However, your personal details, password or credit card details will never be stored. We also use JavaScript to enhance your online shopping experience. If you disable either cookies or JavaScript, you will not be able to use this website.