About Us

Founded in 1984 by Kasilya Ramamoorthy Sudarsan son of K V Ramamoorthy and Ms. Kasilya Sudarsan Durga, Taffita today is reputed for its wedding silks, unique art silk sarees, as well as family apparel, with retail shop in Madurai. With 30 years' experience in Art silk, Traditional Sarees, Fancy sarees, Cotton sarees, Sungudi saree, Pure silk saree etc., 

Today Taffita vision is to taken forward by Ms. K V Vidyashree Managing Director, following in the illustrious foot-steps of  grandfather in law K V Ramamoorthy. We have quality products, design innovations and new techniques in handloom silks. We have created numerous unique Art silk sarees, Cotton sarees, Silk Saree and Sungudi saree etc.,

Taffita also carries a wide range of fancy and embroidered sarees, salwar kameez, and a complete range of ladies', gents' and children's products.